Wednesday, July 18, 2012

the whisper of my soul today.

TO BABE : I will forget you. Starting today,
I don’t know you. I have never seen you.
We never even walked pass eachother.
I’m okay. I forgot everything. I’m happy with my busy life.
I’ve met a great person too.
Love is always like this. It fades away after some time.
Can’t even remember it, 
 When love goes away, another love comes again. It definitely will.
Even if it hurts now, it will hear a little later.
It will forget. I will too.
It’s not difficult. I will forget everything after today.
I’m just getting used to my changed life

now I was in a sad but I can do in the fun. do not know. you just know I was in good condition. not simple as that. I am just a normal person, who has feelings.each person has done wrong. you come in my life is a sweet memories .i never forget . thanks you .
good bye babe.